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East Ape Valley Water park
form: 未知  Time2017-12-27
With a comfortable temperature and plenty of rain, The natural scenery of Yunnan is very beautiful and the human civilization has appeared very early.
East Ape Valley water park
In order to tie in with the development of the local tertiary industry, to make Yunnan's leisure tourism is richer, Local investors find Trend Group, and hope we can help them to build East Ape Valley Water park in Yuanmou County, also include theme parks, hotels, spas and a series of recreational and entertainment projects.
East Ape Valley Water park combining the unique cultural background and excellent natural conditions of Yunnan Yuanmou County, to make the aqua park more attractive, Trend Group selected big tornado, rainbow water slide, high speed water slide etc. For visitors, it will be a very memorable water park that they have ever been to.
Also, it has a big wave pool for visitors, interactive water house for family, you can enjoy the water fun with friends. East Ape Valley Water park has opened in this summer.
East Ape Valley water park

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