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Subsidiaries of Guangzhou Trend Group:
Guangzhou Trend Culture Tourism Group Co., Ltd.
    The group company manages and operates various subsidiaries of the company and makes foreign investments. Such as Jiangxi Jiuzhai Hot Spring Hotel, Jiangxi Qinglongyan Scenic Area.
Guangzhou Panyu Trend Water Park Construction Co., Ltd.
    The main company of Guangzhou Trend Company, manages the real estate and properties of Guangzhou Trend Creative Industrial Park, and the main company of the water park. It is the first and largest complete service provider of water projects in China. Provide water park project planning and design, deepening design, equipment and facilities supporting supply, engineering installation, equipment commissioning, operation training, equipment maintenance, upgrading and other one-stop services throughout the process.

Guangzhou Trend Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Specializing in water park equipment research and development, manufacturing, installation, and management consulting services, it is a unit member of the National Cableway and Amusement Facilities Standardization Technical Committee, a standard drafting unit of "GB/T18168-2008 General Technical Conditions for Water Amusement Facilities", and China Amusement Machine Amusement Park Association The vice-chairman unit of the Water Park Branch and the deputy director of the Water Amusement Facilities Professional Committee of the China Amusement and Amusement Park Association have a national special equipment production license.
Guangzhou Vison International Co., Ltd.
   Trend Group's sales,export and investment company, the latest overseas brand Vison Waterparks™, the company has independent import and export authority, has a professional overseas sales team and overseas offices, and is responsible for overseas market business.
Jiangxi Ganjiangyuan Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
    Nature drifting company
Jiangxi Shicheng Jiuzhai Hot Spring Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
    Hotel and hot spring water park
Jiangxi Shengjiangyuan Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Resort and hotel project
Guangzhou Trend Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Engaged in tourism resort investment planning, development, construction and operation of the whole industry chain services, business covers tourism and vacation project planning, design and construction, themed landscape design and construction, operation management and other businesses.
Corporate purposes
    Create a profitable water park

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