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We have the China 's first water amusement research and development design institute. It has a professional department such as Entertainment Institute, Product research and development, Planning and Design Institute, Engineering design institute, Program creative center, Design Project Management Department and so on.
Trend Design Institute after two decades of industry experience, with investment planning and amusement creative core competencies, has a unique 4S core technology:
Based on research on the accumulation and innovation;
Focus on the healthy design of humanized entertainment;
Reasonable planning layout, functional configuration;
Scientific equipment selection, engineering design.
According to local conditions, tailor - made personalized ideas;
The theme of the integration of historical and cultural regional elements;
In view of the differences and transcendence of project competitors.
Accurate market positioning
Pragmatic investment planning
Stable return on investment
Investment costs are the most provincial
The most costly operating costs
Management costs the most provincial
Trend Design Institute design process:
(1) The first step: investment planning.
(2) The second step: brand planning.
(3) The third step, design planning.
(4) The fourth step, the overall planning and program design.
(5) The fifth step, the initial design.
(6) The sixth step, construction design. 


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