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Skateboarding surfing
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Water Park flowride
from: 未知  Time2019-07-15
FLOWRIDE, also named surfing simulator. Water spray out from the special-made compression system and sprayer, forming a layer of thin flow on the sliding plate, then move opposite fast, so the riders slide from up to down just like rushing up to the top of the wave. And we have two types of skateboarding surfing, for one-person, the inner width is 9m, and for two-person is 15m. 

Super Bowl Slide video:

Name           Surf Skateboard
Model           SF-1/2
Size           21.7*10m
Composition           Concrete structure, steel structure, engine, nozzle, membrane surface, and control                 system
Capacity           1 rider / time
Material           Steel structure
          Soft membrane surface
          Power by pump
Color           Blue
Packing details           EPE foam & timber frame, nude pack
HS code           95069900
Certificate           Manufacture lisence of special equipment
          Installation, alteration, repair & maintenance lisence of special equipment


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